What is a Prior Authorization?

Many insurers require prior authorization to ensure timely and full payment for your procedure. It is the patient’s responsibility to understand whether or not their insurance policy requires prior authorization. In order for Dr. Lutz’s office to obtain Prior Authorization for many procedures, we must have copies of Physical Therapy notes from the previous 6 months. It is your responsibility to ensure these notes are sent to Dr. Lutz;’s office. If you have questions please ask our staff about whether your treatment may be subject to prior authorization requirements.

Why Do I need a driver?

You are not allowed to drive for 4 hours after your spinal injection or an injection on your dominant limbs for operating a motor vehicle. This is the standard of care and is a precaution to ensure your safety and the safety of others.
For Radiofrequency procedures or other procedures involving sedation, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Can’t find a driver?

For injections other than Radiofrequency, you may be allowed to arrange for a ride via car service or Medical transport. Please call the Oakdale office and speak with our staff about your arrangements or to reschedule your procedure.

Can I eat/drink before my appointment?

Please refrain from eating or drinking anything, including water, for 2 hours prior to your appointment for a regular injection or 6 hours prior to your appointment for Radiofrequency.

Should I take my medicine before my appointment?

You may take your regularly prescribed medication prior to your appointment with a sip of water. However, please do not take any Pain Medication (Including Tylenol, Ibuprofen/Advil, Naproxyn/Aleve, Lyrica, Gabapentin, etc.) for 6 hours prior to your appointment as we do not want to mask your pain response to the injection.

What if I am taking anticoagulants?

If you are taking anticoagulant medicine, Dr. Lutz’s policy does not require you to stop taking it prior to your scheduled injections. However, if you take Coumadin / Warfarin specifically, you are required to obtain an INR within the 24 hours prior to your schedule injection.

Can I work after my appointment?

If you feel up to it, you may return to work following your injection. However, for Radiofrequency procedures, you should plan to take several days off to allow for adequate recovery.

What if I am not having pain the day of my appointment for an injection?

If you are not experiencing pain on the day of your scheduled procedure, please contact Dr. Lutz’s office at 651-313-8250 to cancel and/or reschedule. As the success off the injections are dependent on your ability to assess changes in pain in response to the injection, it is counter-productive to perform the injection when you are not experiencing pain.

What should I expect when I come in to my appointment?

You should arrive 15 minutes early for all appointments to allow for time to fill out any necessary paperwork. For Radiofrequency you will be asked to arrive 1 hour early. For injections, following check-in, a nurse will admit you to the holding area, check your pulse, blood pressure and level of pain, and have you change into a gown. Dr. Lutz will see you, evaluate your pain and go over the planned procedure. The procedure itself will be performed in the Procedure Suite, under sterile conditions and using fluoroscopy. The nursing staff will be with you at all times. You should plan to be there for at least 45-60 minutes for most injections / 2 hours for Radiofrequency.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

For all appointments, please bring your insurance cards, photo ID, and, if applicable, any information regarding your Auto or Workers’ Compensation claim. Make sure you also bring any records of previous treatment for your problem and any MRI or other imaging reports if these have not already been faxed to Dr. Lutz’s office – 651-313-8251.

Will I be sedated for the injection?

Most procedures do not require sedation and it is not Dr. Lutz’s practice to administer sedation.
If you wish to discuss oral medication, that must be done with Dr. Lutz during a consultation visit prior to the day of the procedure and will require an earlier arrival. For Radiofrequency procedures, however, you will have an IV started and sedation administered.

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